Oct. 14 2009| Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly is a guest on the show for the seventh time this week. The NINE DRAGONS interview was recorded live in front of a group of students and parents at The First Academy in Orlando, Florida; the school where I teach AP English Language and Composition. Mr. Connelly arrived at my school in the morning and taught two of my classes. We had lunch with students and then recorded the NINE DRAGONS interview.

He was gracious with the students, offering them a rare opportunity to meet a best selling writer. The students LOVED it.

NINE DRAGONS is Harry Bosch novel. The plot is breathtaking and relentless. The novel begins with Harry and his partner, Ignacio Ferras, waiting for a ‘fresh kill’. It comes in the form of a killing at Fortune Liquors, a store that appeared after the riots in ANGEL’S FLIGHT.

Mr. Li, the owner of the store, gave Harry his last cigarette and a pack of matches. The fortune inside the matchbook read, “ Happy is the Man Who Finds Refuge in Himself.” This becomes one of Harry’s mantras. The Triad has victimized fortune Liquors, and Bosch soon finds himself in a world he knows little about.

His thirteen-year-old daughter lives with Harry’s ex-wife in Hong Kong. His daughter is kidnapped and soon Bosch is on a flight to Hong Kong to save his daughter. Long-term fans of the series will enjoy seeing Harry navigate around Hong Kong. The pace never lets up. And, as always, Connelly’s attention to detail makes the book more enjoyable.

But the magic of the novel takes place in the last 75 pages of the book. Mr. Connelly has created some major plot shifts that will affect the series for years to come.

This is what I find most compelling about Connelly’s work. He never rests on his laurels, and he always pushes himself as a writer. NINE DRAGONS is a winner! You will love it.

I would like to thank Mr. Connelly for his gracious gift of time to my students. It was a day that they will never forget (nor will I).

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