Week of Oct. 25, 2006 | Michael Connelly

ECHO PARK features the return of Harry Bosch, and fans of the Bosch series will not be disappointed. Bosch is working in the open-unsolved unit of the LAPD and he becomes involved in the case of Marie Gesto. 

The Gesto case has never been solved, and aspects of the case have haunted Bosch for over a decade. Connelly is at the top of his game in ECHO PARK . All of the characters are motivated by different demons, and Bosch has to try to figure out why a man would confess to a murder he did not commit. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- we are witnessing history in the making with the Harry Bosch series. Michael Connelly continues to write at a level that few authors ever attain. His novel THE LINCOLN LAWYER is now available in paperback and recently won the prestigious Macavity Award for best novel of 2006 (presented by Mystery Readers International).


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