Week of October 19, 2005 | Luis Alberto Urrea 

This week’s guest is Luis Alberto Urrea, author of THE DEVIL’S HIGHWAY. 

Mr. Urrea was a guest in July; at that time we discussed THE HUMMINGBIRD'S DAUGHTER, his epic novel of Mexico

THE DEVIL’S HIGHWAY was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize last year, and is now available in trade paperback from Back Bay Books. It is the true story of 26 men who crossed over the U.S.-Mexican border at its most dangerous part, the devil’s highway. 12 men came out alive. 

It is an even-handed report of what the men endured as they crossed over. It is a harrowing story that deserves to be read. Mr. Urrea’s writing continues to amaze me. I learned a great deal about the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico during our interview. I know you’ll find it fascinating.

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