Week of  Feb. 2 2005 |  Otto Penzler

This week my guest is Otto Penzler. Mr. Penzler joined us earlier in the fall to discuss his collection BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES OF 2004. 

This week we will discuss DANGEROUS WOMEN, published by Time Warner Books. The collection features seventeen of the best crime writers working today. Each story is unique and has its own blend of intrigue and subterfuge. It is one of the finest collections I have read in years. 

All of the stories were commissioned by Otto, none of them have appeared elsewhere, making it much different than your typical anthology. My favorite stories are those written by Walter Moseley, Nelson DeMille, Jeffrey Deaver, Andre Klavan, Joyce Carol Oates, and Thomas H. Cook

Some of the authors, including Elmore Leonard, liked the characters so much they are writing their next novel about them. Janet Evanovich, who does not write many blurbs for dust jackets, says, " I'm not usually given to superlatives, but DANGEROUS WOMEN may be the best, most varied, and colorful mystery anthology of all time."

Enough said. Enjoy the interview, then read the book.

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