Week of  June 4, 2006 | Sarah Weinman

We end the month with a different type of interview. Our guest is Sarah Weinman. Ms. Weinman hosts the weblog CONFESSIONS OF AN IDIOSYNCRATIC MIND. Blogs, as they are commonly known, have become an important part of the literary landscape. 

I have visited many blogs, and I find Ms. Weinman's blog to be the best of the bunch. One reason I like her site is the focus she puts on detective and crime fiction. 

CONFESSIONS OF AN IDIOSYNCRATIC MIND is a wonderful way to stay in touch with what's happening in the publishing world, and it has an international outlook. So check out her blog after you've listened to our interview. I am picky about the links I put at the bottom of my home page. I have had a link to Ms. Weinman's blog since the day I discovered it!

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