Week of  April 6 | Jonathan Tropper

EVERYTHING CHANGES, by Jonathan Tropper, is Aprils' featured book of the month. Lorrie Wheeler, a friend of mine in Uhrichsville, Ohio (my hometown), recommended Mr. Tropper's work to me back in January. 

I read PLAN B, Mr. Tropper's first novel, then quickly read his second novel, THE BOOK OF JOE. Both novels are well-written and very entertaining.

His third novel, EVERYTHING CHANGES, has just been published by Delacorte Press.  Zachary King, the protagonist of the novel, appears to have it all; a good job, a rent-free Manhattan apartment, and a beautiful fiancÚ. His world changes when his father, Norm, appears on the scene shortly before his wedding day. 

EVERYTHING CHANGES is a rollicking, witty story of a man who is turning thirty and questioning many of the decisions he has made in his life. The narrative is told from a refreshingly honest male point of view.

It is no surprise that the reviews from women have been excellent. Mr. Tropper's voice is a welcome addition to the world of fiction.  

THE BOOK OF JOE is currently in development at Warner Brothers. EVERYTHING CHANGES is in development at Sony Pictures. Jonathan lives with his wife and two children in Westchester, New York. You are going to be hearing a lot more about him in the months and years to come. I hope you enjoy the interview.   

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