Week of June 6 |  Pia Taavila

This week's guest is Dr. Pia Taavila. Dr. Taavila is a professor of English at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. I met her at the Sewanee Writer's Conference in July, 2004.


I was fascinated with her story. She teaches poetry to deaf students at Gallaudet. During the interview she discusses the various ways she accomplishes this.


Pia is also a published poet, and she reads four of her poems for us.


You will hear me introduce Pia as Dr. Seagrave, and use the name Seagrave during the interview. Don't worry, you're listening to the right show. Dr. Taavila changed her name after the interview was conducted.


I'm delighted to offer you this interview; it falls into the category of fascinating stories you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy!


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