Week of Feb. 14, 2007 | Michael Redhill

This week we welcome our first Canadian author to the show. Michael Redhill and I discuss his new novel, CONSOLATION, published by Little, Brown. 


CONSOLATION is a beautifully written novel about Toronto , and explores parts of its history. The story weaves back and forth between 1856 and 1997. The modern characters are fully developed and there are several fascinating plot lines. 


The early immigrants to Canada are equally well developed, and as the novel unfolds we see similarities between the two cultures. Mr. Redhillís first novel, MARTIN SLOANE, was a finalist for Canada ís prestigious Giller Prize. 


Mr. Redhill is the publisher of BRICK, a literary magazine; as well as a poet and a playwright. CONSOLATION is creative and well written novel, one Iím sure youíll enjoy.

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