Week of October 18th, 2004 | Margot Livesey

Margot Livesey was born and grew up on the edge of the Scottish Highlands and now lives in the U.S. Her newest novel, BANISHING VERONA, takes place in the United States, something Ms. Livesey is quite happy about, as you will discover in our interview.

I first discovered Ms. Livesey's work in 1995, when I read CRIMINALS. I was fascinated by her characters and the way she tells a story. Her first publication was a collection of stories, LEARNING BY HEART, published in 1986. HOMEWORK, her first novel, was
published in 1990. THE MISSING WORLD was published in 1999.

Her breakout novel, EVA MOVES THE FURNITURE, was published in 2001. In the following interview, done in the summer of 2004, Margot and I discuss EVA at great length. I was mesmerized by the story. I highly recommend it. One of the interesting things that emerged from our talk was the fact that Alice Seybold, the author of THE LOVELY BONES, was a student of Ms. Livesey's at the University of California- Irvine while she was writing THE LOVELY BONES. If you enjoyed THE LOVELY BONES I think you will enjoy EVA MOVES THE FURNITURE.

BANISHING VERONA is now available in bookstores. I hope you enjoy our talk, and I hope you read Margot's work. You will not be disappointed.

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