Week of  May 4 | Caroline Leavitt

Thie week's guest is Caroline Leavitt. Ms. Leavitt is the author of eight novels, the most recent being GIRLS IN TROUBLE, published by St. Martin 's. GIRLS IN TROUBLE deals with open adoptions. 

The novel is an in-depth exploration of the many facets of adoption, offering the reader an inside look at how adoptions change the lives of all whose lives are touched in the adoption process. Open adoptions are a relatively new idea, and the novel challenges many of our assumptions of how they work. 

GIRLS IN TROUBLE creates a tapestry that allows us to see the long-term impact of open adoptions. It is a balanced viewpoint that does not ask the reader to take sides, allowing us to come to our own conclusions.

Ms. Leavitt also writes a book column for The Boston Globe. I hope you enjoy our conversation.   

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