Week of  February 23 | Pete Hautman

I discovered Pete Hautman's work in 1993, when I read his first novel DRAWING DEAD. I knew immediately that he was the type of writer who has staying power. 

DRAWING DEAD combines a strong plot, fascinating characters, and an outrageous sense of humor. His next novel, SHORT MONEY, published in 1995 was just as good. I have been an avid reader of Mr. Hautman's work ever since.

Pete won the 2004 National Book Award for Young Adult fiction for a novel he wrote titled GODLESS.  GODLESS was his fourth young adult novel. 

I caught up with Pete while he was in Worthington, Ohio (where the show originates) doing a three day program at the local middle and high schools. He does the school programs as his schedule allows.

To check his availability just go to www.petehautman.com.  The good news is that he plans to continue writing both young adult and adult novels. I hope you enjoy the interview, and I strongly recommend his novels. 

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