Week of December 15, 2005 | Dave King

This week’s guest is Dave King, the author of the novel THE HA-HA, published by Little, Brown. It is a beautiful novel about silence, family, and the importance of love. 

Howard Kapostash, the novel’s protagonist received a severe blow to his head during the Vietnam War. Mr. Kapostash has very few methods of communicating his feelings and his needs, and Mr. King does a masterful job of taking the reader inside the head of this man who is fully capable of realizing the world around him.  

Richard Russo wrote, “ What earthly business does Dave King have writing a first novel as wonderfully and achingly full of heart as THE HA-HA? That’s what the rest of us would like to know.”  

If you’re looking for a novel that is truly different, filled with unforgettable characters, then this is a novel you’ll enjoy. Buy it for a friend that likes to read good books, they’ll be impressed with your good taste. Enjoy! 

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