Week of June 13, 2007 | Jeffrey Deaver

This week’s guest is Jeffrey Deaver. We discuss his new book THE SLEEPING DOLL, published by Simon and Schuster. THE SLEEPING DOLL features the return of Kathryn Dance, the kinesics expert who became a fan favorite in COLD MOON. In fact, as you’ll discover during the interview, Kathryn Dance is now a series character. Going forward, Mr. Deaver will alternate Lincoln Rhyme and Kathryn Dance novels.

In the June 11, 2007 edition of The New York Times Book Review, Marilyn Stasio writes, “Personally, I find that nothing restores my devotion to genre novels, or my respect for their sheer craft, than plunging into a traditional whodunit or a complicated procedural.

“Something like Jeffrey Deaver’s intricately plotted thriller THE SLEEPING DOLL serves me just fine. Taking his own kind of break here, Deaver leaves his regular series detective back in New York to putter with the forensic evidence that engages his brilliant intellect. Although Dance’s specialty is kinesics- the scientific evaluation of the hidden clues in body language- she’s just as obsessive about minutiae as Rhyme, and her first case is a dazzling mental contest with a charismatic cult leader, Daniel Pell, who has escaped from prison and found a slave to carry out his homicidal agenda.”

THE SLEEPING DOLL is Jeffrey Deaver at his best. Mr Deaver was on the show last year to discuss COLD MOON, which is now available in paperback. Enjoy!

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