Week of March 21, 2007 | Robert Crais

This week’s guest is Robert Crais. His new novel, THE WATCHMAN, published by Simon and Schuster, debuted at number five on the New York Times' bestseller list last week. 


It is the first time Mr. Crais has told the story from Joe Pike’s point of view. Joe has been Elvis Cole’s sidekick for many years. 


Fans have wanted to know more about Joe, and THE WATCHMAN gives us a glimpse into Joe Pike’s soul. 


You’re going to enjoy Mr. Crais discussing the creative process of filling in the holes in Joe’s life. THE WATCHMAN is a winner, and Robert Crais is firmly establishing himself as a writer who deserves a large worldwide audience. 


This is Mr. Crais’ second appearance on the show. THE TWO MINUTE RULE is now available in paperback. Enjoy!

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