Week of  Apr 13 |  Christopher Coake

Christopher Coake is a new type of interview for the show. Chris is at the beginning of what I believe will be a long and successful writing career. 

He grew up in Indiana, where he received his undergraduate degree from Ball State University. At that time he thought he would be a high school English teacher. But he had been bitten by the writing bug, and realized teaching high school students and writing his own fiction would be difficult to do.

So he went to Miami University of Ohio, where he received an MA in creative writing and began to develop his writing style at a higher level. Chris went through some changes in his personal life after leaving Miami, and decided to enroll in the MFA program at The Ohio State University.

His breakout story, ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE, was published in the Gettysburg Review and was included in the BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES OF 2004.

Chris has a collection of stories, WE'RE IN TROUBLE, that has just been published by Harcourt Brace. I have read the stories and continue to be impressed with the quality and style of Chris's writing. WE'RE IN TROUBLE will also be published in England, Germany, and France.

In January of 2005 Chris and his fiancÚ, Stephanie Lauer, moved to Reno, Nevada, where Chris works as an assistant professor of English at the University of Nevada.

Nick Hornby, the author of HIGH FIDELITY and other wonderful novels, wrote, "I would like to claim that I discovered him, but you can't really discover writers like this; the quality of the work is so blindingly obvious that he was never going to labor in obscurity for any length of time... Sometimes when you're reading the stories, you forget to breathe... They're  beautifully written, and they have the bottom, but they're never dull and they all contain striking and dramatic narrative ideas."

Otto Penzler wrote, "I've read more than a thousand stories a year for the past eight years and nothing-nothing- has surpassed the work of Mr. Coake. You will be stunned, you will have tears in your eyes, and you will remember these stories the rest of your life."

So please sit back and listen to Chris and I talk about his development as a writer. I think you'll find it fascinating.   

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