Week of October 11th | Richard Bausch

This week's interview is with Richard Bausch. Mr. Bausch received the 2004 PEN/ Malamud award, a prize given annualy since 1988, in honor of the late Bernard Malamud. Previous PEN/Malamud winners include John Updike, Saul Bellow, Andre Dubus, Eudora Welty, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard Ford and Barry Hannah.

"An intrinsically American writer," says BOOKLIST, "Richard Bausch captures the sense of alienation that haunts so many of us, the feeling that life is arbitrary, bereft, and absurd, and even those closest to you are, in fact, total strangers, and none too bening." Bausch has written nine critically-acclaimed novels and five volumes of stories. His short stories have appeared in ESQUIRE, THE NEW YORKER, as well as in the anthologies such as BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES and NEW STORIES FROM THE SOUTH. He is the Heritage Professor of Writing at George Mason University.

I was particularly impressed by Mr. Bausch's novel, HELLO TO THE CANNIBALS, published in 2002. We spend a large part of our interview discussing this wonderful novel. I consider it to be one of the most interesting, complicated, and rewarding novels I have read in the past couple of years.

THE STORIES OF RICHARD BAUSCH was published by Harper Collins in 2003. This is a collection of Mr. Bausch's stories ranging from 1976 to the present. Seven of the stories in the collection are being published for the first time.

I am delighted to have Richard Bausch as a guest on the show. If you have not discovered the world of Richard Bausch you are in for a treat.

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