Week of June 26, 2006 | Lee K. Abbott

This week’s guest is Lee Abbott. We discuss his new book ALL THINGS, ALL AT ONCE, published by Norton. Mr. Abbott has written six previous collections of stories, and ALL THINGS, ALL AT ONCE contains six new stories and eighteen stories from his prior collections. 


I believe that with this book Mr. Abbott has risen to the top of the writers who, God bless them, continue to write short stories. Several of these stories, most notably “One of Star Wars, One of Doom’ contain more emotional power than nearly any novel you’ll read this year. 


There is not a wasted word in this collection. If you want to learn how to write -- buy this book and read it!


Mr. Abbott received the Distinguished Professor Award from The Ohio State University in 2004. He has been a cornerstone in Ohio State ’s Creative Writing Program since 1989. During the interview Mr. Abbott shares some of his advice for aspiring writers. Enjoy! 

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